Water Department

The Village of New Athens purchases treated water from the Kaskaskia Water District through a contractual agreement. The Water District withdraws surface water from the Kaskaskia River and provides treatment at its plant located in New Athens. This treated water is then pumped to the facilities operated by the New Athens Water Department. The Village of New Athens Water Department provides for the storage and distribution of all potable water within the Village limits. Potable water outside the corporate boundaries is available in a limited area.
Village owned storage facilities consists of a 100,000 gallon underground concrete storage tank and a 150,000 gallon elevated single pedestal steel storage tank. These storage facilities provide for usage for approximately 36 hours of normal demand. The Village has almost 300,000 gallons per day in excess capacity available for industrial clients and future growth.

Sewer Department

The Village of New Athens owns and operates facilities for the collection and treatment of all domestic and industrial wastewater. The treatment plant is located at 2515 River Road in New Athens. The collection system consists of gravity lines and a series of three pump stations. The service area of the collections system extends beyond the corporate boundaries.
The wastewater treatment plant has a design capacity of 300,000 gallons per day with a peak flow of 750,000 gallon per day. The present average daily flow is 140,000 leaving adequate excess capacity available for industrial clients and future residential growth.

Contact - Water/Sewer Dept

Send an Email to the Water/Sewer Department to request a repair.