Trash Collection Service

Residential trash collection is provided by the Village of New Athens by contract with a private trash hauler.
Municipal Code, Chapter 17

17-3-1           COLLECTION REQUIRED.  Within the Village, all owners and occupiers of residential structures of one, two or three dwelling units, including mobile or manufactured homes on private lots, shall be charged for the collection and disposal of accumulations of refuse, by the refuse collector contracted and licensed by the Village for collection and disposal of residential refuse, pursuant to the manner provided for in this Chapter.



          17-3-2           METHOD OF COLLECTION.

          (A)               For single-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings of two or three units, it shall be unlawful to dispose of any refuse or yard waste anywhere in the Village except through the collection of said materials through the manner described in this Chapter, and placed for collection as herein prescribed, provided however, that nothing in this Section shall prevent individual composting of yard wastes, or the recycling of materials elsewhere within the Village, by taking those materials to a recycling drop-off location which agrees to accept same.

          (B)               The Village provides once per week residential trash collection services through a contract operation with an independent contractor.  Regular collection day will be determined by agreement between the Village and the service provider.  Should the regular collection day be delayed by weather or holiday, the service provider will collect on an alternate day of the same week.  Then collection will be on the next available day.  This residential trash collection service will be billed by the Village and included on the billing for water and sewer service.  There is a five (5) bag MAXIMUM per week for residential service.

          (C)               Included in the cost of residential trash collection is a “large item collection”.  This collection is performed in May and October and includes those large items not picked up in the regular weekly service.  All large items must have Freon or other refrigerant chemicals removed prior to pickup.

          (D)               Commercial dumpster pickup is not included in this service.  Commercial or multi-family zoned property owners wishing to utilize dumpster service must contract with a trash hauler on their own.  Those using a privately contracted dumpster will not be billed for trash service by the Village, but will be billed directly by the service chosen.  Commercial establishments or multi-family zoned property owners not utilizing a dumpster may choose to use the Village’s trash service.  Commercial establishments choosing this option will be billed by the Village at the commercial rate.  There is a five (5) bag MAXIMUM for this commercial service.

          (E)               It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the Village Hall if they desire to have dumpster service and wish to retain their own trash hauler (dumpster service).  If a customer does not contact the Village Hall to be removed from the regular residential billing, they will be billed for trash pickup as a residential customer.


Billing Information

The cost of trash service is included in the Water and Sewer Bill.
Municipal Code, Chapter 17


          (A)               Request for in-town water service or in-town sewer service is also a commitment for residential trash collection.  All residential customers will be charged a residential trash collection fee.

          (B)               Residents shall pay for collection of refuse through their monthly water/sewer/utility bill.

          (C)               Cost for residential trash collection shall be determined by agreement between the Village and the contracted trash service.  The Village may adjust the fees to the customer to cover administrative costs.

Weekly recycling


Effective Friday, November 4, 2011, the Village of New Athens thru its agent, Reliable Sanitation Service, will provide recylcing to each regular trash customer.
All recyclable materials should be place in the container with the BLUE lid.

Acceptable items to recycle are:
  • PAPER- newspaper and inserts, magazines, shopping catalogs, junk mail, office paper, wrapping paper, etc.
  • GLASS JARS AND BOTTLES- Brown, green and clear (no light bulbs or window pane glass)
  • TIN/STEEL CANS- Soup and vegetable cans (No scrap metal)
  • CURROGATED CARDBOARD- Please break-down boxes. Single ply cardboard (cereal boxes, soda/beer cartons) are acceptable.
  • ALUMINUM CANS- Beer and soda cans  
  • PLASTICS- Household plastic containers (No. 1 thru No.7 look for logo on bottom of containers), milk jugs, two liter soda bottles, juice and detergent containers, etc. 

All bottles, jugs, and cans should be rinsed. 

Items need not be separated.