Snow Removal

During a winter storm event, snow removal efforts are concentrated on the designated snow routes then on the minor streets.
Snow Routes: Spotsylvania, Mill, Eastlawn, Belsha, Hanft, East Street, Old Baldwin Road and Market Street.
My street didnt get plowed of snow, Why?

The Village snow plow crews work on a priority basis.  The first priority is for emergency vehicle access routes and those which promote smooth traffic flow in high volume areas.  So, first are arterial streets and their intersections, followed by collector streets and their intersections, and then residential streets concentrating on known trouble spots.  With those cleared, residential streets are done as manpower and equipment are available.  However, not all streets are plowed or treated for ice if the snow event is small.
What if I live on a snow route, Do I have to remove my car from the street?

Yes! When a "Winter Storm Warning" is declared, all vehicles parked on a designated snow route will be ticketed or towed at the owners expense.

Leaf Removal / Pick-up

Throughout the fall season the Village of New Athens provides leaf pick-up to its residents. With this process the Village of New Athens has developed a plan for vacuuming the leaves and turning them into mulch.
Rake all leaves into a long wind-row at streets edge.

    * No trash allowed. (remove all newspapers, bottles, or large branches)
    * No round piles allowed. (long wind-rows only)
    * No Alleys (streets only)
    * No leaves in ditches. (will cause flooding problems during rain)

My leaves didnt get picked-up, Why?
Crews are working on other streets and will be there soon. Please be patience.
Save the Village money.  Compost your yard waste  -

Contact - StReets Dept

Send a EMAIL to the Streets Department to request a repair or report a pot hole.