Planning Commission Overview

A planning commission is a group of appointed officials which oversees city planning. These officials are charged with controlling growth, promoting economic health, and improving the quality of life for all citizens.
The impact of the public on a planning commission is very important. Members of the public are encouraged to submit their views, in the form of letters and testimony before the commission. Public meetings are held so that the planning commission works in transparency, and the opinion of the public is actively solicited.  Planning Commission meetings are scheduled as required, and open to the public.

Planning Commission

Village PresidentRich Klein605 South Johnson Street 618-475-2785
Building CommisionerTyler Liefer905 Spotsylvania Street 618-475-2144
Village EngineerTim Pruett4 Industrial Drive 618-539-3178
 Steven Schuessler400 South Van Buren Street 618-475-3190
 Mark Schreder808 Mariana Court  
 Bryan Rausch1027 Spotsylvania Street  
 Joe Behnken2824 Scenic Lake Drive  
Chief of PoliceLeo Simburger5253 Wild Oak Lane 618-530-0422


Members of the Planning Commission are appointed to an annual term by the Village President.

The Planning Commission is responsible to review all applications for special use permits, amendments to the text and amendments to the official zoning map for the Village of New Athens, as outlined in Chapter 40, of the Municipal Code, commonly known as the Zoning Code, and to make recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees on such applications.

Meeting Times

Meetings of the Planning Commission are held at a time, date, and place as announced by public notice prior to such meetings.
Notice of public meetings are posted at the Village Hall and other public places around town.